Please read the following paragraphs.  You will need to answer Yes or No for consent on the registration form.


I hereby give permission for stated swimmer(s) to participate with the Greenview Swim Team instructional training program.  In consideration of your acceptance of my enrollment, I the swimmer, and we, the parents, individually and collectively, intending to be legally bound, hereby for ourselves and heirs, executors and administrator, waive and release the Greenview Swim Team, their agents and representatives, from any and all claims or rights to damages for injuries or losses suffered by me, the swimmer, directly or indirectly in training for, or traveling to or from, or competing in or while attending future Greenview Swim Team functions.  I hereby give consent for medical treatment for my child(ren) in the event of an emergency.



In case of medical emergency, I understand every effort will be made to notify emergency contacts for my child(ren). In the event no one can be reached, I hereby give consent to the Greenview Swim Team board of officers and coaches to secure proper treatment for, hospitalize, and to order injection or anesthesia or surgery for my child.



Our swim team has designated photographers to take pictures at our various events.  Consent is needed for the team to take and use these images in public locations such as our website, Facebook page, and team events. I hereby give consent to our photographers to photograph and for the team to utilize the images.

Swimmer #1 Information
Swimmer #2 Information
Swimmer #3 Information
Mother's Information
Father's Information
Emergency Contact (if different from above)
Liability Consent
Medical Consent
Photographer Consent